Tantra is embodied spirituality which honours relationships, perceiving the the whole body as Divine.

Working with energy pathways in the body to release the life force energy, Kundalini, and to weave together in awareness, so the whole body is experienced as Divine and erotic.

It may be experienced as a healing on an emotional and / or physical level.

The Primary intention is Honouring! Honouring all levels of your being.

Copy right 2009, 2010 2011, Maha Shakti Kali Ma Hanna

1. Honouring you on all levels of your being, every part of your body, and connected with emotional, intelectual Spiritual etc all integrated into one.

2. Creating healing and well being on all these levels

3. Teaching how to experience Erotic Trance


I have just spent a weekend with Hanna... am writing to majorly recommend you have a session with her, a long one.

She produces simply incredible effects in people... mind blowing, life altering, deeply healing, heart opening, profoundly fulfilling and humbling...

I had one of the most profound experiences of my life. I experienced being divine, being sacred. I found something worth dedicating my life to." Cathrine H., Nov 2010